ENSOLV® Integrated provides the highest level of service and support for existing buildings overall improvement. Through detailed Building and FM activates audits all known and unknown issues can be identified and mitigate.

Improving measures through phase implementation will improve any building Energy and Maintenance efficiency and lifestile of building occupants.

ENSOLV® Integrated provides building systems and Facility management audit service that identify all weak spots in systems and Maintenance practice. Increased Energy efficiency and Predictive Maintenance provide reduced running costs.

Improved Monitoring and control reduce Energy consumption up to 20%. Buildings Predictive Maintenance, based on real time monitoring, reduces Facility management cost further.

Optimisation of existing systems

Energy efficiency audit

Older and even new buildings today are faced with exorbitant energy consumption (high bill charges) for their functions, while price of energy has increasing trends. Many buildings HVAC and other systems do not perform as expected and consume too much energy due to many factors. Complete building audit with all systems components and operational mode / practise is required to determine what issues and impact levels are.

Mitigation actions and Energy consumption reduction capability is unique for each building, but in average 15% to 30% Consumption reduction can be achieved. With multidisciplinary approach and full understanding of Energy flows, with knowledge of real status and conditions, improvement of energy consumption reduction is achievable.

  • Building HVAC, CHW, BMS, and other systems screening and analysis of capability.
  • Environment parameters , energy consumption time analysis.
  • Possible and necessary improvement with operational parameters real time control implementation.
  • Systems upgrades to achieve higher energy efficiency and life time.
  • Phase approach for implementation with investment coverage from reduced running cost.
  • Added building value Complying with Authority Environmental requirements and Green buildings goals.
OUpgrade & Retrofit

Building systems Predictive maintenance – Facility management

Many buildings HVAC and other systems do not perform as expected despite Maintenance efforts. Predictive maintenance based on real time monitoring identifies undersized and oversized components that need to be changed, which reduces costly frequent replacements due to failures.

Predictive maintenance activities, based on real time monitoring, will perform inline with actual actual performance levels, and will execute only when needed. Predictive Maintenance based on real time monitoring can reduce Facility management cost up to 20%.

  • Building HVAC, CHW, BMS, and other systems performance maintaining in real time.
  • Maintenance activities and consumable materials reduction as per functional parameters indicators.
  • System life time as functionality improvement with elimination of undersize, oversized elements that fails frequently.
  • Systems upgrades to achieve higher energy efficiency and life time via Predictive maintenance

ENSOLV® Integrated Solutions