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Energy solutions or ENSOLV is a company devoted to redesigning and improving systems of residential and commercial buildings, in order to increase energy efficiency and comfort of buildings' occupant. Devoted to that goal our team is second to none, our projects are handled immaculately, and our contracts fulfilled to Client's satisfaction.

It has become apparent that with or without current building systems monitoring overall performance is far from optimal, causing buildings to consume much more energy that they actually need. Variety of factors are cause of a low performance. Acting on one issue alone will not bring the system to its most optimal efficient level.

The ENSOLV holistic approach is to enhance performance of existing building systems and to provide synergy of clear possibilities and achievable improvements in energy consumption and living environment comfort.

To achieve this we employ an innovative online real time algorithms (AI) solutions, alongside with enhanced building monitoring and a redesigned sub-optimal legacy systems where necessary.

This approach provides major energy consumption decrease, improved living conditions with added systems for EV charging energy management and increase of building equipment lifetime.

With introduction of all new IOT generation of supplementary devices and rapid emergence of electric vehicles requirements, ENSOLV solutions and systems provide lifestyle benefits for owners of any buildings.

Benefits we provide
to our Clients

ENSOLV® Integrated provides benefits on multiple levels, from improved occupants lifestyle, Owner running cost reduction to Environment impact reduction.

  • Reduction of Building functional cost
  • Building Owner or Facility manager simple and easy overview of all systems functional levels remotely in real time
  • Maintenance cost reduction with retrofit and Predictive maintenance
  • Building Sustainability improvement and ESTIDAMA, Green Building, LEED category achievement
  • Lower running cost for remote off grid locations, boats with Efficient Sustainable and reliable CHP system
  • Building Tenants and Owners life style improvement
  • Building market value increase and attractiveness to potential buyers and tenants that drive EV cars
  • Compliance of Building functionality and connectivity with local authority mandatory monitoring requirements

ENSOLV® Integrated Solutions